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DIY Drawer Organization

October 21st, 2010

As promised, I am back with details on how Mr. vB created these awesome drawer dividers for me!

Thankfully the dresser we are using in the nursery can double as clothing storage and a changing table due to its size.  But what bothered me was that the 2 bottom drawers were just wide open, without any dividers.  I could just imagine digging in the middle of the night for a onesie and coming up with a handful of the wrong size because they had gotten all jumbled together. {yes- that would be a TOTAL nightmare for a person with an A+personality- aka moi} So what did I do to remedy the problemo??  Well I googled DIY Drawer Organizers of course!

I found several options, but this one sounded the closest to what I was looking for.  The one thing we modified though was what we made the dividers out of.  Mr. vB had some left over peg board from our other organization project that he decided to use instead.  We figured it would be more sturdy than the cardboard option in the DIY Instructions- especially with the length of drawer we had to span!

So I drew up a little plan for Mr. vB of the layout that I wanted for the dividers. I figured it would be best to divide the drawer into 4 main sections.  The 2 sections on the left would be sub-divided into 3 more sections, while 1 section on the right would be sub-divided into 2 sections, and the last would be left wide open.  {did any of that make sense?!} That way the different size clothes would each have their own cubby, plus there would be sections for burp cloths, sheets, blankets, etc.

He got busy slicing and dicing with the table saw and before long we had 8 pieces of peg board that were ready to be fit together like a jig saw puzzle.

I think it turned out pretty darn well if I do say so myself!  It did cross my mind to spray paint each section so it would all be a uniform color, but then I scraped that idea.  I’m not that anal. {no comments needed from the peanut gallery} Plus once it is packed with clothes you only see the top section anyways.  These days I need to reserve any extra energy that I may have for the other projects I want to complete before the little dude gets here.

Speaking of the little guy, did I mention that we are 37 weeks along as of yesterday???

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It’s a Wrap- Part 1

September 15th, 2010

So it’s been almost 3 years since we last visited this latest house project.  It’s been long overdue, but we knew it would be somewhat complicated and likely expensive, hence the hold off on doing it.

But we bit the bullet this past weekend and jumped back into it.  What is the project you ask? 


Like I mentioned, we started this project about three years ago when we literally ripped out the back wall of the house.

And then rebuilt it properly and added Double Doors…

and a nice new deck..

Enter present day.. Now it’s time to tackle the second story!

Mr. vB, his bro Justin, and their Dad were up and at ‘em bright and early Saturday morning.

They focused on the back wall, ripping off the aluminum siding and exposing the original wood…

Then they added new plywood…

and very careful stapled on new house wrap.

Last but not least, they installed the new replacement windows and trim.

Looks better already doesn’t it??

One wall down and three more to go!  Let’s just hope it’s not another 3 years before we get to them!

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Who doesn’t like a little organization??

September 1st, 2010

As we continue to prepare for van’s arrival, we’ve definitely had to rethink our storage needs.  Van’s closet once housed the ironing board/iron, the vacuum, the sewing machine, etc.  And since that closet is now filled with cute baby things, we have had to find somewhere else for all that stuff to go.  {For anyone that lives in an old house, you know closets are far and few between.}

Enter my fabulous husband.  I proposed an idea and he implemented it with gusto!

Now I had been debating on going to Ikea to buy some cool storage cabinets, but that required driving about 3 hours round trip, picking up the goods, and then praying that there was no damage or missing pieces once we started to put it together.  So luckily on a recent trip to Lowe’s these cabinets caught my eye.

I came home, did a bit of space planning/measuring, and then took Mr.vB back to get his thoughts.  He loved the idea, so when his Mom and Step-dad were in town this past weekend we took them over to Lowe’s to help with the heavy lifting.  {the tall cabinet alone weighed 115 lbs!  No way this prego was going to attempt to lift that!}

Here are some before photos of my Ladies Lounge/Office that had turned into the “catch-all” room for everything that was displaced.

What a MESS!!!

But look at it now…

It’s still not completely finished, but I’m in organization heaven!!

The tall cabinet is going to hold the ironing board/iron, the vacuum, my small collection of wrapping paper, and a few other things.  The middle cabinet is going to house my sewing machine and sewing supplies.  And the drawers on the far right are going to hold all my present wrapping supplies and other crafty things.  Then on the peg board I want to hang all my ribbon, gift bags, etc.

I’ve already started putting stuff away and it is looking awesome.  Hopefully by the end of this coming weekend it will all be finished.  Stay Tuned!

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van’s Nursery- Part 3

July 18th, 2010

Seems that Mr. vB has been drinking from the “same water” that I have been.  Meaning that he too put it in high gear this weekend to get some major things accomplished in van’s nursery.

Remember me mentioning that our plan was to incorporate a sliding  “barn” door into our design?  We figured that would be the best way to close off that 6 foot opening between our bedroom and the nursery, but also allow for great flow when the door was open. Plus it wouldn’t take up any extra floor space as it would easily glide and sit against the wall.

But we had to accomplish a few steps before we could put the door up.  First, hang the flat screen tv INTO the wall vs. onto the wall so the door could pass in front of it.  {See that mess project here and here.}  Second, find and buy budget friendly barn door hardware.  {Did that here and here.}  Third, design door layout and figure out how much wood it would take to build.  No sweat right?

So by this weekend, we were ready to roll. TV was safely hanging in the wall and door hardware had arrived. All that was left to do was beg brother-in-law Justin to help Mr. vB put it all together.

Here’s their progress in photos.

The Blank Canvas

The 10′ Rail that had to be bolted into the beam.

Only had to move it 3 times to get it to the right level.  Gotta love old houses- neither the ceiling nor the floor is square.

Time to make the donuts, oh I mean make the door.

I would love to know what Justin is thinking in this photo.  Maybe- “A barn door- really?” or “I shoulda said I was busy.”

I like the way Mr. vB worked the letter V into the design.  Subtle but personalized!

Ready to hang!

TA-DA! Opened…

And Closed… PERFECT!!

And here’s the view from van’s nursery.

It is definitely a bit more massive than I imagined, but it IS a 5′-8″ wide by 8′ tall slab of wood. I’m not sure what I was thinking- it certainly wasn’t going to be dainty. Now it is my job to prime and paint the door and repaint the wall where the TV is.  Justin had a good idea that since the nursery side of the door is plain, we should incorporate some type of mural or design onto the door.  Interesting. The idea got both our wheels turning.  We are throwing around a few ideas. Will keep you updated with the progress!!

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It’s My Birthday {well almost..}

April 13th, 2010

In about 4 hours I will be a year closer to my mid-thirties! YIKES!! To make me feel better Mr. vB has started on a birthday renovation project for me! YEAH!!

{here is the back story}

The only room in our house that has not been touched since we moved in is our Laundry Room.  It is located down in the basement off of the main living area.  I have always kept it hidden from the camera’s view as it was a bit scary!  We upgraded our washer and dryer to front loading units about 2 years ago, but never upgraded the room surrounding them.  It was inevitable that every time I went to switch the clean clothes from the washing machine to the dryer, something would fall on the dirty concrete floor and have to be rewashed.  It was SO annoying!!  I was constantly begging Mr. vB to add this room to the To-Do list.  I got so desperate that I finally said a finished Laundry Room is ALL I want for my birthday!

Apparently I got my point across because when I got home from work today, there was an odd smell coming from the basement.  When I yelled down to Mr. vB as to what it was, he yelled back,”Dunno?!”  I could tell from his voice that he was clearly lying.  I then went around and opened all the windows on the first floor.  When I got to the window that overlooked the back yard, I knew immediately what he was up too!  All the junk that has been crammed into the laundry room was now in the back yard.

About 30 minutes later Mr. vB emerged from the basement and asked me if I would like to see my {early} birthday present.  He had spent the afternoon clearing out the laundry room, sweeping, spraying for spiders, water proofing the cement floor {the stinky smell}, and installing a new sliding window.

Tomorrow he wants to paint the floor, paint the walls, install more shelving, and put the wood trim around the exterior door and new window!  Did I mention that I love my husband??  {And a great renovation project that happens without me lifting a finger?!?}

Check back for the finished product! Doing laundry will never be the same again!

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1 Year Blog-a-versary!

February 28th, 2010

Can you believe 1 year ago today Boots and posted its very 1st blog entry! It was quite a boring entry if I do say so myself, but none the less it has gotten me where I am today!

So here is the breakdown of what B& has accomplished in the past 365 Days.

{in no particular order}

1. We showcased over 18 pairs of shoes in the Shoe of the Month Club.

2. We showed how to build a raised garden, how to install an in ground sprinkler system, and how to attempt to grow grass.

3. Also showed how to collect and recycle rainwater and how to install energy efficient windows.

4. Don’t forget we also renovated our Bathroom, Basement, and Kitchen.

5. And gave face-lifts to our Guest Room, Master Bedroom, Living Room and Dining Room.

6. We also had Mr. Sanders refinish our Hardwood Floors.

7. Let’s not forget all the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.

8. Gave Target plenty of free publicity.

9. Gotten some free publicity ourselves.

10. And continue to search for the Best Burger in Richmond!

With a grand total of 151 posts in 35 categories, I’d say it was a pretty busy year!!  BIG THANKS to the the 16,681 visits to the site and the 352 people that published comments.

It’s a nice treat to read them and know that you guys enjoy my silly stories!

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Changing our Sunday up a bit..

January 24th, 2010

A normal Sunday for Mr. vB and I includes me waking up first, starting the coffee maker, and feeding the kiddo’s. (Boots, Bailey and Milo)  Once my coffee is ready I sit on the couch and catch up on my favorite blogs until Mr. vB wakes up. {which could be anywhere from 9:30 to 11 o’clock.. sometimes I have to make a little extra noise downstairs to get him moving! Luv You Hon!}

BUT this Sunday morning we shook things up abit!  Mr. vB and I have been trying to change up our workout routine and we have always said we wanted to try a Yoga class.  Well I mentioned this to my friend/neighbor, Karen, who is a Yogi and teaches over at Yoga Source in Carytown. She suggested that we come try out her Sunday morning class.  I mentioned this to Mr. vB and surprisingly he was down for it, even though it meant waking up early on a Sunday! {yes- Sunday at 9am is still early to my husband!}

So off to Yoga Source Mr.vB and I went this morning.  And an hour and a half later we emerged from the studio feeling awesome.  The class we took was called Slow Flow Vinyasa and it kicked our butts!  It was definitely a bit of a challenge since neither me nor Mr. vB had any clue of the poses that Karen was talking about, but she helped us to get each just right!

**Side-note- I have always been the type of exerciser that thought you had to SWEAT BUCKETS to get a true workout, but boy was I wrong.  Mr. vB and I used muscles this morning that we didn’t even know existed.  At one point I even looked over at Mr. vB and he WAS sweating buckets!  We are sure to be so sore in the morning!**

I was so impressed by Karen’s teachings that when I was suppose to be clearing my mind of all thoughts, all I could think about was how I was going to write this post!!  For anyone looking for a great Yoga class/instructor YOU HAVE GOT to try out Karen’s class.  She teaches multiple classes during the week over at Yoga Source, and she also does private sessions.  Karen even has a once a month Yoga session at a cool loft downtown called “Last Friday’s”.  Check out her website for the full scoop!

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Happy Birthday Mr. vB!!

January 13th, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Most Amazing Husband!

I know you prefer to be anonymous on this blog, but today you are center stage!

I love you very much. xoxo Mrs. vB

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Birthday, Mr.vB

Starting the New Year off on the Right Foot

January 4th, 2010

Mr. vB and I rang in the New Year with our good buddies, the Bashams, down in Raleigh. {You can check out Joettte’s own blog here.} Prior to us leaving town, you might remember me mentioning that Mr.vB had been on vacation and he was up to some renovations in the basement.

His allergies have been going haywire lately and we thought it might have something to do with him spending so much time down in the unfinished basement. {His office and music studio are down there.}  We originally used carpet tiles to hide the ugly cement floor because we could get them all for FREE!  4 years later, the tiles have accumulated tons of dust and pet hair, but more importantly condensation is starting to collect underneath them. It’s not their fault {the carpet tiles}, it’s ours, as we apparently did not seal the concrete floor properly the first time!  I had a mold and moisture guy stop in a few weeks ago and luckily we had no mold, but he did recommend removing the tiles and resealing the floor with a resin based product.  We also thought this would be a good time to ditch the carpet tiles and see if it helped Mr. vB’s allergies.

So last week our Basement looked a little something like this.. {I’m totally embarrassed showing this to you guys.  Our Basement had turned into a total catastrophe!!}

As of last night it looked like this..

Pretty Amazing Transformation, eh?

I am currently working on a post with the full step by step details on how we accomplished it all.

Our next step down here will be to drywall the ceiling and the remaining cinder-block walls.  But that will be after we finish dealing with the floors upstairs.  Remember me mentioning that little project too?  Our entire first floor is about to get a little face lift of it’s own!!

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My Husband is on Vacation… Can you tell?

December 29th, 2009

I can..

Our Kitchen Floor is halfway ripped up…

and our Basement is under construction (again)…

But these are good things- I think.

Mr. vB started pulling up the kitchen floor late Monday evening.  The good news is that we discovered hardwood floors hiding under that horrible tile.  They definitely look rough now, but after some sanding and stain, they should be beautiful!

And as far as the basement goes, we finally have a plan to make it a finished space.  The picture above is the framing around the furnace and hot water heater.  We are also enclosing Mr. vB’s office area in a really neat way!  Pictures to follow soon- Stay Tuned!

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