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Happy Mother’s Day!!

May 8th, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mums…

She is a beautiful, talented and amazing woman.  Some of her many talents include sewing, gardening, cooking, playing scrabble, and babysitting her grand-boys.  I hope that I can be half the mother to vannyB that she has been to me!

Also have to give Mother’s Day shout-outs to my Mother-in-Law, my sister’s-in-law, and my many girlfriends that are mothers or soon to be mothers!  I love you all!

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Out of Touch and Loving it!!

May 3rd, 2011

So I was “off the grid” last week.. No TV, No Internet, No Cell Phone, No Laptop, No Email, No Blogging, Not Even Facebook {well, maybe only once!}

No I didn’t fall into a deep dark hole. I actually took a once in a lifetime trip with my hubby to the South of France courtesy of my company.  It was awesome!!  The only down side was that vannyB couldn’t go with us.  It was an amazing trip, but I missed my boy terribly.  Good thing I was preoccupied with the amazing scenery.  Here are a few teaser shots..I’ll recap the whole trip later this week!

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Have you “wa-wa’d” recently?

April 20th, 2011

So I popped into Wa-Wa today to grab some gas and break a $20 dollar bill.  That was when I was met face to face with the smoothie machine.  Have you seen this thing?  All you do is put the pre-made cup into the machine thingy and it whirls it into a fabulous beverage.

PS.  It also makes milkshakes.

This could be dangerous- very dangerous.  And all for $1.99.  You must try it for yourself.

And now begins the randomness, like it wasn’t random enough already…

Mr. vannyB turned 5 months on Monday.

His new favorite thing is his johnny jumper.  I think he seriously jumped for 45 minutes this evening!  He is also gumming some banana these days along with some oatmeal cereal.  I tell you things are wild and crazy here at the vB house!

I’ve also been busy working on some {interior} house projects, but haven’t had time to finish anything- hence the reason I haven’t posted about them.  For instance, I’ve been trying to make some black out curtains for van’s room out of a shower curtain I found at Target and some black out liner from Joanne’s Fabrics.

First try was a bust- the liner actually illuminated the light filtering in instead of blocking it.  Guess I grabbed the wrong bolt of fabric!  Thank goodness they except returns on cut yardage!

I am also working on some new Pelmet/Cornice Boxes for the Living Room Windows.  I have the boxes made, but the fabric is being a pain.

The windows are wider than the width of the fabric so I am having to piece it all together to make it fit properly. The boxes and fabric have been sitting like this on the dining room table for about 2 weeks now.  I think it is taunting me.

So I think that is all the randomness I have for you.  Hope you have enjoyed it and my grainy iPhone photos.

Maybe one day soon I will have a finished project for you!!

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Living Room Makeover, Mrs.vB

A Valentine’s Day to remember!!

February 15th, 2011

Happy February 15th everyone!

Hope your Valentine’s Day was better than mine and Mr. vB’s!!

We both woke with fevers, aches, chills and other unmentionable symptoms. {guess who never got their flu shots??}

Luckily vannyB was in good spirits and off to daycare he went while mommy and daddy spent the day in bed.

Today we are feeling somewhat back to normal.  I’m running a small fever and am terribly congested, but other than that I’m feeling just peachy!

Thought I would share some latest photos of the boy.  They make me smile and I hope they do the same for you!

I’m such a big boy now! I can play in my johnny jumper and my excer-saucer with the help of some extra blankets!

I can’t get over how red his hair looks in photos!  In person it has a twinge of strawberry blonde, but these photos make him look like he is a red head! {not that there is anything wrong with that!!}

Here’s to feeling back to 100% tomorrow!!

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My Maternity Leave…

February 13th, 2011

is coming to an end! {sniff, sniff}

This coming week this momma has to put her nose back to the {work} grindstone.

It’s okay.  More like- I’m okay.  I knew it wouldn’t last forever and it has truly been an amazing experience.

In just 3 months, my little squish has gone from a newborn that only slept and ate, to a big boy that can now hold his head up, smile, and even coo!

I love watching him grow and change and he seems to learn something new every day.  It makes me sad to think that I won’t be there every second to watch for these new accomplishments, but work is a must.

I know it will be good for the both of us. {I keep repeating this over and over in my head}

Plus thinking about this cute little face waiting for me at the end of each work day will make my day just fly by!

**Disclaimer-Not trying to be a debbie downer, just keeping it real over here at b&**

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Baby vB, Mrs.vB

All Stacked Up.

September 22nd, 2010

So I think the Dragonfly on my front door was trying to tell me it was time for a change.

So I headed to the pumpkin patch after work yesterday and picked up these cuties…

and then I…


And stacked…

And stacked a little more…

I think the people at the Greenhouse thought I was crazy.  I must have stacked about 20 different pumpkins to get just the right look.

I think it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!!

And the best part is, I plan on using my Pumpkin Stack for not only Halloween, but also Thanksgiving, AND Christmas!!

Remember my post last December about a neighbor that painted her pumpkin stack green like a Christmas Tree?

YUP- that’s the plan!

Now I just want to find a little something to hang on the front door where the Dragonfly use to be.  Any suggestions?

{RIP Mr. Dragonfly. You were a good door ornament.  If I can’t find another one of you next spring, I might have to super glue your wing back into place and milk you for another season. xoxo Mrs. vB}

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Holiday Traditions, Mrs.vB, Yard/Garden

A Quiet Weekend..

September 20th, 2010

So I spent most of this past weekend laying in the bed or on the couch with my feet propped up, watching our newest favorite obsession.  Yes, Mr. vB has gotten us hooked on the teenage drama, Veronica Mars.   Ever seen or heard of it? {don’t worry if you haven’t} To be honest it has become quite addicting.  But I digress..  The original plan for this past weekend was for me to meet Mr. vB out in Western Virginia for a close friend’s wedding.  Mr. vB rode up with the groom-to-be Thursday night so he could help with the set up on Friday and Saturday.  I was then going to hitch a ride with another buddy on Saturday to attend the actual nuptials.

BUT have I mentioned lately that I am pregnant?  I mean REALLY pregnant. 8 1/2 months to be exact.

And no that is not a basketball I am smuggling under my dress.

I apparently have acquired a new set of fabulous “cankles” and get these crazy stomach pains when I over exert myself.  {what me?  do more than I should, no- never!!} So Mr. vB and I made the official call on Friday afternoon that I would stay in Richmond for the weekend and relax.

It was hard to force myself to lay in bed, watch TV, and eat ice cream, but someone had to do it.  Actually, I was really bummed to miss Nate and Mary’s wedding, but found it very nice to have no plans and just relax.

Now any ideas on how I can make these cankles fashionable?

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Baby vB, Mrs.vB

The Cafe Caturra 7

September 4th, 2010

I was showered with love {and tons of presents} last weekend as my favorite gals threw me an amazing Baby Shower.

Marty, Keri, Sarah, Moi, Adrienne, Rebecca, Jennifer, and Amanda

We took over the front porch at a local hot spot called Cafe Caturra.

And let me tell you, there were so many personalized details.  These girls know me well!

They made lunch menus to match the invites…

{thanks to redstart creative}

And the cutest personalized table decorations…

And apparently the table decoration that we used at our wedding got modified a bit!

{Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s a no-no to strap a car seat onto a motorcycle- right?}

They also made the cutest personalized diaper cloths and onesies…

Here are some other fun snap shots from the afternoon.

{I can’t tell if it’s Boots or Bailey!}

{what up Squirrel Girls!!}

{this was a pin given to me by Mr.vB’s mom, that was given to her when she was pregnant with her DvB.}

{I definitely think our bellies have gotten bigger since our last belly bump photo shoot.}

{In this photo Sarah is definitely up to trouble.  I believe she has just written van a note that says when he turns 16 she really thinks his mom and dad should buy him a car.}

Thanks SO much to the Cafe Caturra 7!! It was such a wonderful day and I felt so loved by everyone there.

Baby van is very lucky to have so many sweet Aunties.

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August 26th, 2010

In the market for some cool, funky, vintage, and/or custom fabric?

If so, you gotta check out this great online fabric store called Spoonflower.

I found them randomly as I’ve been searching the web for the perfect crib skirt fabric for van’s crib.

{But I also noticed that YHL recently linked to them too- great minds think alike}.

I just had to pass along to my favorite readers that today is Free Swatch Day over at Spoonflower!!

Normally an 8″x8″ swatch is $5, but today you can get one for Free.

The hardest part is deciding which one to get!

Just make sure to check it out before noon (EST) tomorrow, that’s when the offer ends.

Happy Shopping!!

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Mrs.vB, Steal and Deal of the Week

Things I never thought I would do…

August 21st, 2010

1. Use my stomach as a shelf.

Really?!  This is a first.  But it does keep my coffee nice and close by while using both hands to surf the web.

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Baby vB, Mrs.vB