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Catching up…

February 9th, 2013

Hello Blogging World!

I’m not going to make excuses for where I’ve been, no one wants to hear it.

Instead I’m going to show you what I’ve been busy doing…

yup- finally painted “most” of the interior front door.

It was too cold to keep the door open while the paint dried, so I just painted the interior panels.

can’t tell from the street, can you??

Now on to the Nursery…

I’ve been going back and forth about painting stripes, so I finally pulled the trigger and just painted one of the walls.

Still debating on if I should paint stripes on an adjacent wall.  Gonna keep you guys guessing a little longer on this one before I do a full preview.

Moving on…

The Headboard Arrived!

Totally loving it, but still trying to decide the pillow layout.  The 2 smaller ones in the front were scores I found at Homegoods for $15 each.  I thought they were a steal for a down pillow insert.  I plan on recovering them with this trellis fabric.

And then maybe get some white shams with a cool monogram???

{source unknown}

More on that progress later as well.

Now on to my most favorite project…

Words cannot express how much I love this little dude.

Lastly, I’ll  leave you with a photo of my fun new flats that I picked up from Steinmart.

Now we are offically caught up with my life.  How are things with you?

ps. Stay in touch with my on a daily basis on instagram- tottyvb

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Chic & Cheap Nursery

July 6th, 2011

I saw a very familiar nursery featured over at today!

Check it out if you have a minute…

Very Exciting!!

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DIY Foot Stool

March 28th, 2011

You guys are gonna love this one!

Remember back when Mr. vB and I renovated our Kitchen?  Well we kept a lot of the old cabinet fronts thinking we might be able to reuse them one day.  {on what I wasn’t quite sure at the time}

Fast forward about 6 months when we were knee deep in our Nursery Design.   I randomly commented to Mr. vB that I really wanted to get a foot stool to use with my glider.  Next thing I knew, he had whipped out one of the old cabinet fronts, and was attaching 4 legs that he had picked up from Lowe’s.  How Cool!

Once the legs were securely attached, I painted them the same yellow color that I used on the nightstand and the DIY Bulletin Board.

The next step was to add some cushioning to the top.

I picked up a piece of foam from the fabric store along with some batting and some fun buttons! {I already had the fabric, as I was going to just use left overs from the crib bedding}

The first step was to cut the foam to size.

Then the batting…

And finally the fabric…

To add some interest to the top, I used these cute felt buttons to create some tufts.

I used a SUPER LONG needle to secure each button to the foam/batting/fabric combo.

Here’s the Finished Product…

Now I’m not 100% pleased at the technique I used to secure the fabric to the drawer front.  It was harder than I thought to get the batting and fabric to smoothly flow around the legs.  I think it looks a bit bulky, but I was rushed to get it done before vannyB woke up.  It will do for now, but I’ll probably try to redo it one day when I have a little more time.

But I’m loving the overall look and what a great inexpensive way to get the foot stool I wanted!

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The Nursery Reveal- FINALLY!

February 6th, 2011

So I’m finally getting around to revealing our boy’s nursery. {i know, i know.. it’s been a long time coming!}

There are still one or two projects that aren’t totally finished- but I have learned to be ok with it. Trying to use a power tool with a 10 week old strapped to the front of you isn’t the easiest {or wisest} thing to do.  Without further ado…

Here is what van’s nursery looked like this time last year.

{the view from the hall into the nursery}

{the view from the master bedroom into the nursery}

{the view from the nursery into the master bedroom and hall}

Over the next 9 months we worked hard painting walls

Painting Tables…

Building barn doors…

Building Diaper Changing Areas…

Picking Crib Fabrics…

And a ton of DIY projects…

Shew!! That makes me tired thinking of it all.

Take a look at the Finished Product!

Here are some of my favorite details of the room…

The photo collage wall with the DIY bulletin board.

The Farmer’s Market Epergne that I searched months for!  It is the perfect place to store all the diaper changing necessities!

The glider nook.  This is the perfect spot to feed my little dude and read to him.  The yellow nightstand was actually in my room growing up and currently houses van’s {ever growing} book collection.

And last but not least, the custom made crib bedding by my mums.

So there it is! Hope it was worth the wait.

Van loves it and that makes all the hard work worth it!

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DIY Push Pins

December 4th, 2010

Hey ya’ll.. back with another easy DIY project.

Remember the post about my cool new Bulletin Board and how I was looking for the perfect push pins to adorn it?

Well I found this super easy tutorial online about how to make custom push pins. It said all I would need was a little fabric, some clear “stones”, tacks, and a hot glue gun.  {And in my case, a baby monitor to make sure Little Petunia was sleeping sound in his crib}

I didn’t want to be too matchy-matchy with my fabric, but I did have a swatch or two left over from the crib bedding, so I decided to use it.

I just used a stone to trace several circles and then cut them all out.

Then I put a dollop {very technical term I know} of hot glue on the back of each stone and then applied it directly to the fabric.

I learned to press each stone firmly against the fabric to push out any air bubbles.

Once the glue was set, which only took a minute or two, I applied another dollop of glue to the back side and then set a tack firmly into the glue.

That’s it!  A custom push pin!  I told you it was easy.

So far the only picture that adorns the bulletin board is of the amazing woman that helped Mr. vB and I during van’s birth. Her name is Sarah Paxton and if anyone is thinking about having a Natural Birth I HIGHLY recommend hiring her as your Doula!!  She holds an amazing and very special place in our hearts!!

And in van’s too!!

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Gettin Crafty!, Nursery

DIY- Crib Skirt and Bumper Pads

November 7th, 2010

Have I ever told you what an Amazing, Talented, and Overall Awesome Woman my Mother is?

When I told her that I was throwing around the idea of doing custom crib bedding, she jumped in wholeheartedly to help me out.  It was my job to find the perfect fabric and then she was going to literally “make it” all happen.  {Both easier said than done!}

Well after searching and searching, I ended up finding the perfect fabrics at Hawthorne Threads.  The bed skirt fabric is by Heather Bailey- Pop Garden in Red.  The bumper piping fabric is Amy Butler- Full Moon Polka Dot in Cherry.  And the bumper is a basic white pique fabric from a local fabric store.

Then after a little online research, we found some easy DIY directions on how to make the crib skirt and bumper pads.  Erika at Urban Grace Interiors had a great concept of how to create a bed-skirt that could grow with the crib.  Each side of the crib skirt is its own panel that is tied to the spring system.  You just tie the ties according to the length of skirt you need.  That way the hem of the skirt is perfect when the mattress is high for a newborn, but still perfect once you lower it down for a toddler.

Then for the bumper pads we found these DIY Instructions over at Vanilla Joy. My mums modified them as she saw fit, but they gave her a good starting point.  {If you have specific questions let me know and I can get her to answer them for you.} I believe this is where she would also admit that she would never attempt to make them again.  The bumper pads proved ALOT harder to make than either of us thought.

But they are complete and all I have to say is that they look amazing!

Take a peak for yourself…

Words cannot express how appreciative I am that you did this for me mom!

Thank you! Thank you! xoxo

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DIY Lamp Shade Cover

October 27th, 2010

Last but not least, I am back with the deets on how to make your own lamp shade cover.

I had done it before in the past, but decided I could use a refresher on the details in case I might have forgotten something.

Again I just googled “DIY lamp shade cover” and found this great tutorial.

Here’s the play by play in photos…

The plain-jane shade before…

First we traced a template…

Then we cut out the template…

Next we pinned the template onto the fabric…

And then we made our final cut!

What I didn’t take photos of was spraying the fabric with the spray adhesive and then attaching it to the shade.  It took both set of hands {me and my mums} to make sure we pulled it taught with no wrinkles!  So no hands left to snap the photos- sorry!

And here’s the finished look!

It was very easy and actually took only about 20 mins to complete!  And doesn’t the lamp look so much cuter with the polka dots vs. the basic white shade?

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Gettin Crafty!, Nursery

DIY Custom Bulletin Board

October 24th, 2010

Here’s the scoop on the cool bulletin board that I “constructed” last weekend..

The frame started its life looking like this.

Ikea- Ung Drill… $29.99

I found it several months ago at Ikea.  {And I remember seeing it on some other blogs in the past, but I believe they used it as a chalk board frame.} It was originally intended for one of the walls in my ladies lounge, but never actually made it onto the wall.  Guess that ended up being a good thing!

It must have been when I was cleaning out the room that has become the nursery, that a light bulb went off.  I could finally use the frame and make it into a bulletin board for van’s room.  I then debated leaving it black or painting it a color.  Painting it a color won… but I had to leave that to Mr. vB to accomplish.

I picked the same yellow paint that we painted the nightstand, but knew it would be a headache to paint with a brush.  Luckily Mr. vB could use his air compressor paint gun to spray it on.  That way he could get all the nooks and crannies.

LOVE IT!  Thanks Mr. vB- you did a marvelous job!

Now it was my turn to get to work.  I went on the search for a cork board that would be big/wide enough to fill the opening.  All of the cork board squares I found were the right thickness, but not wide enough to span the distance I needed without having a seam down the middle.  I then figured I probably just needed to get a 24 x 18 bulletin board and cut the oval shape out.  Easier said than done!!

Cutting the board was the messiest thing EVER!  I assumed {incorrectly} that the cork was going to be solid all the way through.  Well it actually was a super thin sheet of cork applied to a pressed wood backing.  When I cut the cork, it tended to tear away from the pressed board.  And then when I flipped it over and tried to cut it from the opposite side I think I made it worse.  The photo above kinda sums it up.  But thankfully once I shoved it into the frame, you couldn’t even see the torn sections.


I love how it turned out!  Now I just want to find some really cute push pins to use with it.

What?? It’s all in the details you know!!

PS.  after some quick googling I just saw something about DIY push pins.. hmm… Looks like I know what I will be up to this afternoon.

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Gettin Crafty!, Mr.vB, Nursery

DIY Drawer Organization

October 21st, 2010

As promised, I am back with details on how Mr. vB created these awesome drawer dividers for me!

Thankfully the dresser we are using in the nursery can double as clothing storage and a changing table due to its size.  But what bothered me was that the 2 bottom drawers were just wide open, without any dividers.  I could just imagine digging in the middle of the night for a onesie and coming up with a handful of the wrong size because they had gotten all jumbled together. {yes- that would be a TOTAL nightmare for a person with an A+personality- aka moi} So what did I do to remedy the problemo??  Well I googled DIY Drawer Organizers of course!

I found several options, but this one sounded the closest to what I was looking for.  The one thing we modified though was what we made the dividers out of.  Mr. vB had some left over peg board from our other organization project that he decided to use instead.  We figured it would be more sturdy than the cardboard option in the DIY Instructions- especially with the length of drawer we had to span!

So I drew up a little plan for Mr. vB of the layout that I wanted for the dividers. I figured it would be best to divide the drawer into 4 main sections.  The 2 sections on the left would be sub-divided into 3 more sections, while 1 section on the right would be sub-divided into 2 sections, and the last would be left wide open.  {did any of that make sense?!} That way the different size clothes would each have their own cubby, plus there would be sections for burp cloths, sheets, blankets, etc.

He got busy slicing and dicing with the table saw and before long we had 8 pieces of peg board that were ready to be fit together like a jig saw puzzle.

I think it turned out pretty darn well if I do say so myself!  It did cross my mind to spray paint each section so it would all be a uniform color, but then I scraped that idea.  I’m not that anal. {no comments needed from the peanut gallery} Plus once it is packed with clothes you only see the top section anyways.  These days I need to reserve any extra energy that I may have for the other projects I want to complete before the little dude gets here.

Speaking of the little guy, did I mention that we are 37 weeks along as of yesterday???

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Mr.vB, Nursery, Organization

van’s Nursery- Part 4

October 17th, 2010

So it was a VERY busy weekend working on van’s nursery.  Thankfully I had reinforcements- aka my Mums- to help.

Here’s a quick run down of what we accomplished:

  • clipped tags off all the baby clothes, washed them, and then put them into the cool drawer organizers that Mr. vB made me
  • cleaned the wooden blinds and window sills in the bay window, where the glider and night stand now reside
  • bought all the necessary items to make the crib skirt and the crib bumpers (ie, lining, cording, batting, thread) pending the fabric ever arrived {sore subject}
  • got a fabulous and highly needed pedicure
  • created a bulletin board with a darn cool frame
  • covered existing white lampshade with coordinating crib fabric
  • FINALLY steamed wrinkles out of the glider slipcover
  • and last but not least, as fabric arrived late Saturday afternoon, started to make the Crib Skirt

Yeah- I think that about covers it.

And it you can believe it, we still have about another weekend’s worth of little projects to complete and THEN the nursery will be finished!!! Hooray!! It’s almost reveal time.  I know you guys are excited.  But I’m ahead of myself.  Here are some photos of the projects from this weekend.

The drawer of pure organization, I mean clean clothing.

The cool new Bulletin Board



The Custom Lampshade



And most importantly the FABRIC!

{it was a long hard search, but I am really happy with what we finally selected!!}

I’m working on posts now to show the breakdown of how we made the drawer organizers, bulletin board, and lamp shade cover!   They were all pretty easy!  Make sure to check back for the details!

{Thanks again Mums for all your hard work this weekend!! van and his momma really appreciate it!! xoxo}

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