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A New BFF…

January 30th, 2010

{Don’t worry girls, you haven’t been replaced.}

I bought a new friend for my favorite Orchid yesterday.  Isn’t she gorgeous??

I’m thinking about naming her Dotty…

On to the weekend plans…Since it is currently pouring snow outside, I have a feeling Mr. vB and I will be spending a lot of time indoors today!

We are {hopefully} finishing up the kitchen cabinets and starting on our new breakfast nook area.  Have I mentioned this new project to you guys yet? {Imagine that- we are starting a new project before finishing others!} It will include a new tile floor, a cute eat in area with a fold down table and 2 chairs, and some extra storage space.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  I need to reveal why the Boots n the Bae weren’t allowed in the kitchen.  Wish it was something really exciting- sorry for the let down.  While Mr.vB and I were putting the fridge back into its cubby on Saturday night we put a BIG nice SCRATCH on the new floors!  I called Mr. Sanders crying, begging, asking him to come back over and work his magic.  Sure enough he did and the scratches are now gone.  But the wet polyurethane required some drying time.  Hence the reason no paws were allowed in the kitchen.

All-right- Happy snow day everyone!  I can hear Mr. vB upstairs starting on the kitchen cabinets.. gotta run!

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Wrong Side of the Bed

January 5th, 2010

So I woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday morning. 

{Thanks to a little intestinal bug that Boots had- ‘nough said}

I couldn’t shake the bad mood all day.  Thankfully this morning I had no surprises waiting for me.

Except for this..

Take that Mr. vB for saying I don’t have a green thumb!

I received this orchid from my buddy Adrienne back in September.  It was in full bloom for about 2 months and then lost all its flowers.  BUT, with a little TLC from MOI, it is flowering again!

I’m feeling better already…

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