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Home Sweet Home!!

May 26th, 2010

Well I am quite happy to announce that my Mums and Daddio moved back into their house today!

I popped down to Newport News after work just so I could see it for myself!  Can you believe its been almost a full year since the freak house fire? (for the full story click here)

I know it has been a long stressful year for them both, that is why I am so happy that things are FINALLY getting back to normal for them!

Welcome Home Edwards Family, Welcome Home!!

{Interior photos to follow shortly..that is once all 200 boxes are unpacked.  No pressure Mums!}

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Being Thankful, Family, Rebuilding

Looking Good!

March 22nd, 2010

I forgot to mention that I stopped by my Parent’s New-Old house the weekend before last while I was in Newport News checking in on my Daddio.  The house is looking really good and the contractor is telling them he will turn the keys over sometime in early May!  All that is left to do is install the kitchen cabinets and granite, repair and re-sand the hardwood floors, install carpet, install all the plumbing fixtures, and hang wall paper!  WHOO-HOO!  I know my parents are beside themselves with anticipation of being back in their own house with their own things again!

Here are some before and almost after photos for you guys.

The Foyer

My BedroomThe Upstairs Hall

The Back Stairs

The Kitchen

And The Exterior

Looking good, eh?!

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Being Thankful, Family, Rebuilding


September 2nd, 2009

My mom just sent me some updates on the house at Reynolds Drive.

Apparently all the demo is done and the house is down to the bare studs.

foyerHere is the Foyer.

living roomThis is the Living Room and Dining Room.

family roomAnd the Family Room.

living room 2

I believe the next step will be to spray all the studs with some sort of foam that will treat the wood.  Once the foam hardens it creates a fire retardant surface.  It will also help trap any residual smoke/soot odors and make the wood good as new!

My mom will be headed up to Richmond in a few weeks so we can start the fun part…shopping for the new furniture, carpet, paint and wallpaper!  Wonder if I can sneak in some new furniture for my house too!

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Being Thankful, Family, Rebuilding

DEMO has begun!

July 28th, 2009

So I talked to my parents this weekend and demo work officially began on the house at Reynolds Drive last week.  The Fire Inspectors came to a decision that the fire WAS NOT due to faulty equipment, i.e. the furnace or the hot-water heater, as earlier suspected.  So the official cause of the fire is listed as SOURCE UNKNOWN.  Comforting eh?

On a lighter note, my mom stopped by the house this weekend and was able to snap some photos of the work done outside. She said it was too dark in the house to get any good interior shots, but that they have ripped out all the carpet and drywall on the 2nd floor.  Sounds like a good start!

I’m going to post some before and after shots so you can see the progress..


before 1



You can see that the doorways/walls have finally been boarded up and all the extra debris removed, including the exterior brick wall.


before 2



The large pile of debris that the fireman pulled from the garage to fight the fire is now gone.  It’s sad to think of all the things that were buried in that pile, but at least the constant reminder of what was lost is now gone.


before 3



Here the front exterior brick wall of the garage has been removed along with several boxwood bushes.

My mom always kept her yard in such great shape, that I know it is just killing her that all her plants are slowly withering away.  I wonder if she had a mild heart attack when she was pulled in to the drive-way to see this.


That Port-a-Potty is SMACK-DAB in the middle of her favorite flower bed!!!  But she admitted that she is keeping a good sense of humor about it all… am I am proud of her for that!

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Being Thankful, Family, Rebuilding

Their Home Away from Home

July 22nd, 2009

So my parents finally received a new cable cord for their camera and were able to download some photos of their Home Away from Home.

Here’s the Tour as narrated by Carter..

house b

Our new home until ours is rebuilt – hopefully only 6 months.  The rebuilding could take longer, but we are optimistic.  The new house is very comfortable and has lots of space which we will use to store our furniture and belongings as they are returned to us.

flowers front porch

The pots of geraniums that provided a little color at the old house are now sitting on the porch of Jonquil Road.  They make it seem a little more like home.


Foyer is decorated with a borrowed table and borrowed lamp.  They look great and give us a place to put our keys and stuff. It is a beautiful foyer with lots of space.

living room

Large Living Room with lone chair.  I think that I will store the boxes in here as I want to use the Dining Room for my table and chairs.  Who knows, I may want to have a dinner party soon.

blue room

Family Room- The BLUE Room. When I rented the sofa and love seat, I could only choose the style, but not the color.  We had to accept whatever was available. I was just a little concerned about what color they would be.  We lucked out to get them in blue to match the blue carpet.

honey and bird

We also have a blue recliner that matches the rest of the blue items. (Apparently my dad has started color coordinating to the furniture and carpet too!)

breakfast nook

The Breakfast Nook and more Borrowed Furniture.  The fabric on the chairs looks like it was meant to match the wallpaper.


Here’s the Kitchen.  Its got lots of cabinet space and looks out into a large backyard.  And here are some flowers from my old yard.  I love zinnias and lemon basil together.   The zinnias are in pots which I have moved here.  I am debating moving the lemon basil also. (Wonder who Totty gets her love of flowers from?)


But who needs cabinet space with this is all the kitchen gear that you have??


Finally, some of my old kitchen ware arrived in 14 boxes which are currently residing in the dining room.  But this is just the beginning of the boxes. I was told that they used over 200 to pack our things.  Where will I put all of them?

craft paper

They do pack things well.  Each item is wrapped in a large piece of craft paper.
I had to go through each box to identify the contents.  Many of them I just reorganized and labeled better and then resealed.  Who needs to use 2 sets of china?


These are just a few of my treasured Christoper Radko ornaments which the wonderful firemen rescued. I have been collecting them for years and each one has a special story.  I lost all of my other Christmas decorations, so I was thrilled to save these.


Travers, IV, came for a visit this past week-end. (hence his modeling of the blue recliner with Honey)  He stayed in a very basic nursery – a Pac-N-Play and a rocker.  I changed and dressed him on the floor.  It worked out fine and he had lots of space to run around and play.


This is the last treasure found in the pile of debris. Travers found it as the inspectors were sifting through the rubble.  It is part of a group of pics of Trav and Totty that were hanging on her wall. The frame will need to be replaced, but the pics are fine. Wish I could have found the rest of them or the picture albums were in the closet of Totty’s room.  The wall with the closet was destroyed.  Each day I think of something else that we lost, but we will just create new memories.

**Before this post went to press, learned that the contractors had started demolition in the old house.  Our on site reporters promise to send photos as soon as they are able.**

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Being Thankful, Family, Rebuilding

Rebuilding.. a month in.

July 15th, 2009

So it was a month ago today that my parents got the call that there was an explosion and fire at their house.  Can you believe it?? A full month has gone by!  In someways it seems like it has just been days and other ways it seems like it has been forever.  I haven’t been back to the house lately, so I don’t have any new photos to share.  But from what my parents say, not much has changed.  The grass is a little less green (due to lack of water), but my mom has been working hard in the flower beds to keep it looking as nice as it possibly can.

Here’s another note from her that I wanted to pass along:

Greetings from 30 Jonquil Lane.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since the fire.  It has been a very busy month, but a good one and we are settling into our new home.  As soon as we get a new adapter for the camera, I will download some pics of it.  The rental furniture is working out ok and friends have filled in with a few pieces and lots of lamps. For most of the month our kitchen-ware consisted of 4 plates, 4 bowls, 2 mugs, 2 glasses, a coffee maker, 2 frying pans and 2 pots with a few basic utensils. Guess what?- it worked just fine.  We would just wash them and they would be ready for the next time.  Definitely saving using the dishwasher. This week, we received some of our dishes, glasses, mugs and cookware back from Service Master (14 boxes to be exact), so it is looking more like my old kitchen. But I didn’t unpack everything.  We have discovered that you can live with less, much less.

There has been no work on the house.  A team of inspectors are coming tomorrow and look over the site again and hopefully determine the cause. Then they will release it to the construction company.  They will remove all the debris and start to disassemble the interior.  They will take it down to the studs and brick and rebuild it from the outside in.  We will be getting a brand new house.  I am confident that my “in-house interior designer” will guide me through the design aspect of rebuilding and the finished product will be quite nice. It will be at least 6 months or longer before it is livable again.

Everyone has been so thoughtful and kind to us. Contrary to public feeling, there are good caring people in this world and we have met many along the way – the wonderful firemen who saved my Christopher Radko Christmas ornaments; the mail lady who delivers our mail to our new address without a forwarding request (long story, but she saved the day}; Travers’ patient who cuts the grass at Reynolds Drive for free, the friends who have brought numerous meals;  friends who brought bags of groceries (I lost everything in the pantry, frig and freezer); the flowers from the flower lady and so much more  The list is endless, but you get the idea.

Will keep everyone updated on progress of rebuilding.  Carter

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Being Thankful, Family, Rebuilding