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Homemade Xmas Gifts

December 17th, 2009

Oh how I wish I could show/tell you guys about the homemade Christmas gifts I am working on.  But two of my loyal readers {that would be you- Mums and Marty} will be the recipient’s of these gifts, so I do not want to spoil the surprise!  Have no fear though, I will give you the full rundown on Dec 26th!

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October 6th, 2009

You know Mr.vB and I are notorious for multi tasking when it comes to Home Improvements.  We barely have one project finished before we jump into another.  Currently we are:

  • Working on the Kitchen Renovation
  • Trying to order and install the rest of the Replacement Windows before Winter hits (9 Down, 7 To Go)
  • Trying to prep the back of the house for vinyl siding
  • Staining the Deck

And the newest project to add to the list is adding wood paneling to the wall behind our bed.  Originally Mr.vB thought about the idea of paneling the whole room, but I think it would look too busy.  Plus I have been bugging him for some time now about getting a headboard for our bed- this would be the perfect solution!

Here is what it looked like before:

Bed before

It doesn’t show the whole wall but you get the jist.  Originally when Mr.vB moved in, the chimney stack was centered on this wall, meaning there wasn’t one solid wall in the room to put the bed against. Being the smarty that he is,  he built a new wall right beside the stack to make it appear wider than it really was.  And wadda ya know, it is the exact width of a king size bed.   He also added a little built in shelf unit that you see right above the pillows on the right side of the bed.  It’s the perfect spot for an alarm clock or glass of water.

So I spent some time last night searching the web for wood paneling ideas.  I surprisingly didn’t come across too many in a bedroom scenario- more in living rooms and dining rooms.  This image of a bathroom did spark my interest though..

red paneling

I like how the paneling only goes half way up the wall and I can totally in-vision a bed against it.

It was all I needed to get started!  I got out my trusty blue painter’s tape and started taping up some ideas.

DSC_0264I knew I would need to keep in mind the open shelf, but I think it can be easily incorporated.  I am also not too sure yet of the scale/proportion.  I was totally just guessing at the height of it all.

Once we get the proportions figured out, I will then leave it to my trusty husband to determine exactly how to build it.  We will also have to decide it we want to paint it the same color as the walls, maybe a darker shade to pop, or even wilder- incorproate some wall paper into each niche.  Hmm.. wonder if I could talk Mr.vB into installing some cool wall sconces too!

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Helping Hand.

October 5th, 2009

Did I tell you that my brother and his wife bought a new house?  They have been busy trying to pack, so Mr. vB and I lent a helping hand by hosting the Baby Bird at our house this past weekend. The 5 of us went out to dinner on Friday night and then Mr. vB and I took Baby Travers back to our house to spend the night.  We (meaning Baby T, and me grudgingly) woke up nice and early Saturday morning and had quite a full day.  It is amazing how much stuff you can fit in on a Saturday when you are up at the crack of dawn!

I have decided though that I am going to have to invest in some kid sized plates, cups and silverware.  Poor Baby T had to eat his breakfast out of a Tupperware bowl using an appetizer spoon.  He didn’t seem to mind though!


DSC_0290Did you notice that little black nose in the right side of the photo?  Bailey was on standby if Baby T needed any help eating those Cheerios.

DSC_0296SCORE for Bailey!

DSC_0299After breakfast, Travers checked some email and then we were off to feed the ducks!




I believe the ducks were quite happy to see us!



Can you read what Travers’ shirt says?  Apparently his father had packed his overnight bag and I know this shirt was packed on purpose.  It reads, “I WILL DEFY YOU.”  Homemade by my brother himself.  Yes- He has a strange sense of humor.

DSC_0325I almost thought this dude was going to follow us home!  I think Travers was thinking the same thing!


Trav was definitely worn out by the time we got home and headed directly to the dog bed for some R&R.


Boots decided to join him shortly thereafter.


I just kept snapping photos because it was so cute..




Next thing I knew Trav rolled off the cushion and onto the floor..

DSC_0362Boots immediately took over the entire cushion.  At least he gave Trav a lick on the hand to make sure he was okay!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the playground, but my hands were too full to take any photos.  On the way to pick up lunch I could see Travers in the rear view mirror nodding off.  I kept talking to him REALLY LOUDLY so he wouldn’t fall asleep.  I needed a nap as bad as he did so I wanted to make sure to feed him first and then get him into bed.  A 5 minute car ride nap wasn’t going to suffice for either of us!

The last stop was Mickey D’s for Trav’s First Happy Meal.  I’m not sure if he liked it or not..

happy meal By the look on his face I am thinking that maybe he is more of a Chick-Fil-A connoisseur like his Aunt TT.

We ended our adventure with a nice 3 hour nap before his parents picked him up that afternoon. And when I say we, I mean Baby T, myself, and Mr. vB all snoozed!   We had such a fun time hanging out with the little guy!  Hopefully he says the same thing about us!


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What’s in a Name….

September 29th, 2009

DSC_0275If I had a dollar for every time someone either called me Heidi, Patty, or Polly I would be a very rich woman. And YES even once someone called me Potty. {I’m serious! What parent would name their child Potty? Really??}

Growing up having a unique name can be hard especially when all you want to do is fit in with everyone else.  Remember those cool pencils or license plates that you could get in the grocery store?  Yeah..never once did I find one with my name.

But now that I am older and {so} much wiser I appreciate having a unique name.  Now the back story on my name is that it was my Paternal Great-Great-Grandmother’s last name.  She and her family lived in Petersburg, VA and owned a luggage/trunk company called Totty Trunk and Bag Company. {Now I understand why I have such heart palpitations for a Coach or Kate Spade store.  It runs in my blood!}  Back in middle school, when I was helping my grandmother clean out her attic, we found one of the original suitcases from the Totty Trunk and Bag Co.  Clearly stamped by the handle it read TOTTY . Oh how I wish my mom would have let me keep it, but she said no. {feeling guilty yet Mums??!?}

Through the years, the name Totty has been passed from generation to generation.  Both my aunt and uncle have Totty as their middle names, but my aunt actually goes by it. This explains why I have a North Carolina License plate from 1968 with my name on it.  My awesome Aunt Totty has passed all her  “Totty” things down to me.  Which is why I was inspired to do this post in the first place.

{sidenote}- I refer to my aunt as awesome because she is.  I once met a woman very randomly at my old place of employment that knew my aunt back in college.  Her exact words to me were, “Your Aunt helped me to burn my bra.”  That was probably the last thing I expected out of her mouth- but totally summed up my aunt!  I have always felt a very close bond with her and spent the first ten or so years of my life thinking that I was named after her.

So besides the cool license plate, here are some other things that she passed down over the years.

This may look like a regular size matchbook…


But I used the pencil to give you a sense of scale… Monster Matches!


And this is my favorite…I have a feeling that I may finally be able to put it to use this fall.  (Retro is back right?)


It is a hand embroidered purse with the initials T and E on it.  The fabric is a soft khaki felt with a crazy paisley interior lining.

DSC_0269Isn’t that cool? Minor detail that my intials aren’t technically TE anymore…

Now the pressure falls on me to continue the Totty name.  This is the scenario that plays over and over in my head.. I invision Mr. vB and I having 2 kids- of course one boy and one girl.  Mr. vB is actually a 2nd so he would like to pass his name down to his son.  And if I wanted to pass my name down to my daughter, it would go something like this.  Mr. vB would be introducing us to someone and he would say, “My name is David and this is my wife Totty, my son David, and my daughter Totty.”  To which the person we are talking to is going to say, “really- you couldn’t think of any other name to name your kids?!?”

What can I say- I spend a lot of time in my car {alone} and have time to contemplate the really serious things in life.

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Last Weekend in photos..

September 20th, 2009

Yard Sale Time…

We made about $175 buck-a-roos! Not shabby!


yard sale 2

yard sale 3

Birthday Party Time…

Baby Travers’s 2nd birthday party at Romp-n-Roll








Baby Shower Time…

We had an Ice Cream Social/TomBoy Party.  Our buddy K-RO is having a baby girl, but NO PINK allowed, hence the tomboy theme.

ice cream social

triplets 2




Congrats Kathryn and Phil on the pending Bundle of Joy!! We can’t wait to meet her!

(but in the meantime we are going to continue to take bets on what her name is going to be!)

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Fall MUST Haves..

September 3rd, 2009

Okay I have finally fallen to the pressure of fall clothes.  I haven’t purchased anything yet, but I have started making my list.  How does it compare to yours?

You already know these Frye boots are on the top of my list…

janeand I think they will look great tucked into some Skinny Jeans. (FYI these are on sale at Old Navy for $14.99)

divaI’m also feeling some Off White Corduroys.

cordsand a great Patent Leather Belt! Borden USA has several..Perspex Buckle Belt


And how could I say no to this cute sweater??  JCrew always sucks me in…


I am also debating the Ankle Boot look but I haven’t found a pair that works for me just yet.

Last but not least I am loving this coat.. but it is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE..


Maybe Target will come out with a knock off.  {Ha-Ha} I can always dream right!?!

Happy Shopping!

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Things you didn’t know you needed, but want as soon as you see it!

August 23rd, 2009

Have you guys been surfing the web and come across something you didn’t know even existed, but as soon as you saw it you needed it?  This just happened to me.

I thought all my earrings and necklaces were quite content sitting on a shelf in my closest.  Once I got a look at these cute jewelry stands I was having second thoughts…

How cute is this?  A Spinning Bird Jewelry Stand $32.00

jewlery standor…

jewlery 2Yes Frills Wall Jewelry Holder $24

My jewelry and I might have to have a serious conversation about relocation.

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Shoe{s} of the Month- August

August 22nd, 2009

If the stores are dying to get rid of all their summer wares, I will gladly take them up on their sales. And you should too!

I found these cute shoes at and they are both under $20 BUCKS!

shoe 1Rope Trim Sandals

Sale $15.00

shoe 2

Fringed Suede Sandals

Sale $15.00

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Henna Tattoos

April 11th, 2009

Have you guys ever seen Henna Tattoos before?  Henna is traditionally used in many cultures as dye for skin, hair, and fingernails.  I had only seen it used before on that silly TLC show, A Wedding Story.  They applied these very intricate patterns/designs all over the hands and feet of a bride on her wedding day.

So at the latest ELN (Educated Ladies Night), the theme was Indian Culture.  I unfortunately was out of town that night, so I missed all the fun. I did catch wind though, that one of the ladies had purchased some henna paste from a local Indian store.   She also printed some various designs off the internet for everyone to create their own Henna tattoos.  Luckily for me, there was some left over and Amanda invited me over the next night to get my very own.

hennaHere are the little tubes of henna paste.  (I kinda equate them to the tubes of “puffy paint” I used back in the 80′s. ) Behind them are some different options for designs/patterns.  I picked a few out and Amanda was on her way painting…


As it dries, the color sets and the left over henna paste begins to flake.  Then just gently wipe the access off.


Here’s the finished product… Pretty cool, eh??


The henna tattoo will last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the strength of the paste.  Just keep that in mind when you pick the location for your henna!

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What’s in a name…

March 31st, 2009

Three key letters that make up a beautiful thing called a monogram, that’s what!

Some might call me a bit overboard with my favorite three letters, but I think you can never have enough.

Here are some of my favorite things that I have monogrammed:

1. Return Address Stamp


These are great self-inking stamps that come in a handful of different fonts and styles.  There are several on-line vendors, but the one I liked the best was  Keep an eye out for a discount code at checkout!

2. Tote Bag


This was a bridesmaids gift from one of my best buddies.  It actually has an insulated interior and zippered top.  And how cute that she monogrammed each one with our names?!

I’ve put this bag to good use on road trips and picnics.  My sis-in-law has one too and she uses hers to keep her baby’s food and drink cold while they travel!

3. Note Pads


This set found at offers 7 different sizes of notepads with each one having a different tag at the top.  It makes a great gift because who doesn’t love extra notepads to keep in your purse or in your car?

4. Hand Towels


This is probably one of the least expensive ways to monogram something.  All you have to do is pick up an inexpensive hand towel at Marshalls or Target and then take it to your local embroidery shop.  For about $11 bucks you can pick your own design and thread color and viola, your very own personalized towel.

Do you guys share the same passion I do for monogramming?

What is your favorite thing to get monogrammed?

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